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Ephesians 2:10

For we are God's handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.
This newest song, Colors, is the theme song for my upcoming video segment entitled “Colors of the Heart”.  Colors of the Heart will be the show and tell of Tangible Inspirations™.  Each 3-5 minute video will showcase someone (maybe you!) sharing a hobby, a quick art project, or a simple but yummy recipe!  Maybe you have some great tips for busy moms you’d like to show us, or perhaps a few ideas on making life easier!  Anything that inspires, encourages, or brings a smile to the listener is up for consideration here!  So, what are the colors of your heart?
A few words about the music I write:  Some of the “lyrics” are scripture put to music, the others are reflections of life and where I am on my spiritual journey. Most of these recordings, with the exception of the newest one, Colors, are just me ‘n the guitar, standing in a 10X13 room, singing and playing into the computer-so don’t expect a great mix.  
I hope the words bring encouragement to all who listen! Enjoy! All songs ©2014Janet Carol Davis

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All songs posted on this website ©Janet Carol Davis.

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Life is a canvas with cascading hues

And we're given a paint brush to do as we choose.

We can add any colors: reds, yellows and blues-

Our perspective depends on the light that we use.

Take hold of your palette, and start blending shades.

Each moment's a brush stroke- don't let it fade.

Your Creator has made you a fine work of art,

Show the world the colors of your heart.

©2014Janet Carol Davis