3 things I don't like

1) I loathe laundry!

2) Busyness

3) Being overheated: My husband and I have a continual battle over the thermostat.

Just For Fun:  3 things I like

1)  Listening to my husband play guitar and sing with our kids.

2)  Jane Austen

3)  Remaking thrift store finds

"I believe design is simply an overflow of our Creator wanting to create through His children."

Anne Towne

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Left: When I first started my business, my husband left me this note.  It hangs in my studio and I look at it every day.  It says "God has made you creative with greater purpose in mind!  He uses you to do original things for His kingdom, not to be copying others, following different types of form, or comparing what you do to what else is out there.  God is doing a new thing in you and through you for His Glory and it is and always will be beautifully creative!"

How I Started My Business

I began researching jobs to do from home but wasn't able to find much that would work for us.  During my search, I was in a Bible study that centered on believing God- trusting God and taking Him at His word.  I made little signs with quotes from the study out of some materials I had at home and gave them to the other ladies to encourage them beyond the time we spent in the study.  Requests started coming in for these little signs and I started  making other sizes and styles.  Then I started going to home parties and craft shows to try and sell my work.  I did that for about two years.  It went really well during the peak shopping seasons, but the rest of the year sales were inconsistent.   I wasn't sure where to go from there and how to expand.  I even contemplated whether to continue at all and risk failure.  But God helped me discover the new avenue of digital design and  I decided to see how selling the designs as digital downloads would go.  It was a risk- but I knew God was speaking to me about changing my business.  It went great and I have never looked back.  My physical product line was phased out and I changed completely to the digital designs. 

Anne in her home office

Tell us about yourself, Anne!

My name is Anne, and I am a blessed daughter of the King of Kings, wife to devoted husband of 12 years, Ryan, and mother of three amazing children.  I have an eight year old daughter, Mallory, and boy and girl fraternal twins, Wesley and Delaney, who just turned 5.  I met Ryan in college when we were both freshmen.   We clicked very quickly and were married just two years later.  We have faced many challenges, but have seen God do the impossible in the midst of them.  I worked several years for a non profit organization after we were married.  When Mallory turned two, I made the decision to quit my job and stay at home with her.   Just six months after quitting, I found out we were expecting .  At the same time, the economy took a turn for the worst, and I learned that I would have lost my job, as well as a majority of my retirement monies!  I hadn't known it at the time I quit my job, but God was positioning me for His best!

Several months ago I had the joy of meeting Anne Towne.  If I were to sum up her personality in three words, I would say joy, effervescence, and enthusiasm!  Her love for life is contagious and she has worked hard to build a business based on where God has led her.  She doesn't just talk about faith, she lives it. Enjoy reading her thoughts about creativity, running a business, and believing in a God who leads her through it all.

Featured Artist

Anne Towne

What I Do

"I create both custom and pre-made digital designs.  It is digital typography and graphic design.  The website where I sell my designs is a global market place, so I receive orders from all over the world.  I have the honor to do designs in different languages.  Some orders come from countries I have never even heard of!  Basically, people hire me as a graphic designer." 

Anne Towne

Anne also leads a local Ohio chapter of the Christian Women's Small Business Association!  Here is  a link to the  CWSBA Face book page:


Thank you, Anne, for sharing your story with us! 

Below is a link to Anne's Etsy store!  Check it out!

Anne says a large part of her clientele share the stories behind their orders with her.  "I have cried tears of grief with them and rejoiced with them in their triumphs. I am continually amazed that God has afforded me such an opportunity."

Thoughts on Creativity

Glory Designs, my business, was born out of my desire to glorify God with my creativity.  I  hold tight to this passage of scripture:

1 Corinthians 10: 31 "Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God."

I wanted the name of my business to reflect this desire.  I design with His glory in mind.  I like to create with Him.  One of the things I know about God is that He is creative.
In high school I took just about any creative class they let me take: pottery, photography, painting, drawing.  In college I spent a month in Italy for one of my classes.  I loved how so much of the art there was inspired by our relationship with God.  It definitely inspired me and I primarily use God's word in all my designs.  I believe His Spirit is part of my creative process and business.  My aim is to encourage my clients, but often in the design process, I am ministered to as well.

Below:  some of Anne's designs