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©2013 Janet Carol Davis

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 ©2013 Janet Carol Davis

Here are a couple of songs I've written.  These “recordings” are just me ‘n the guitar, standing in a 10X 13 room, singing and playing into the computer-so don’t expect a great mix.  I hope the words bring encouragement to all who listen!  Enjoy!

(More music coming soon!)

Our Dog Casey

A Little About Me

My name is Janet Davis, and I'm a follower of Jesus Christ and His teachings.  My childhood was wonderful and my parents taught me to live life to the fullest.  I have two sons who continue in their adult years to give me joy and friendship, and a sweet little kitten named JoJo.  Writing, singing, playing guitar, and trying my hand at different arts and crafts are all activities that make me very happy!  Tangible Inspirations was born out of a desire to encourage conversation among those who have a love for creating: to share ideas with each other, discuss  how creativity affects each of us, and hopefully, to inspire one another! 


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